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Join me!  I have created an online community filled with recipes, inspiration and daily tips.  This group is designed as a resource to support individuals as they follow the nutrition plan in my new ebook!
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AIR FRYER POTATO CHIPS - - medium Russet potato, Sea Salt, nonstick cooking spray, , Wash and dry potato(es); Use a knife to slice potatoes into thin pieces. Pat the potato slices with a paper towel to remove excess moisture.; Spray the air...

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Healthy, Lean & Strong

I am so excited to share this with you all!  I organized all the techniques I use to help my clients succeed at their fitness goals into an easy to implement program just for you!  Plus you will get 30 of my favorite recipes too!   It’s like getting one-on-one consultations with me, but at a fraction of the price. The Healthy, Lean and Strong Ebook includes:

  • Easy-to-follow Nutrition Plan
  • Goal Setting Techniques with Goal Sheets
  • Daily Tracking Guides to keep you on track
  • Keys to Mastering a Healthy Mindset
  • A Meal Plan Template to simplify eating healthy
  • Meal Plan Examples
  • 30 of my Favorite Healthy Recipes (including my signature Sweet N’ Fit healthy treats)
  • Access to my private Facebook Group

I just know that you are going to love this!

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Today we live in a culture that uses food to feel good, to celebrate, and to reward ourselves.  This can be a challenge for us when we are trying to reach a healthy body weight, achieve a fitness goal, and/or learn how to control eating. Instead of going straight to...

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Do you binge eat at night? If this is something familiar to you and has become an after dinner ritual, you’re not alone. When it comes to nutrition, eating at night is one of the biggest struggles that my clients have, even if they’re not hungry. Whether it is caused...

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In today’s world, most people live busy lives and go nonstop place to place. Having a busy schedule is one of the top reasons that I hear from clients of why they have a hard time eating healthy. Well, good news! Being away from home doesn’t mean poor food choices! I...

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Nutrition & Recipes Guide to Healthy Living

My Journey

If you love health and wellness and delicious treats, you’ll feel right at home here. The experiences I have had with fitness and nutrition are a major part of my life and are the reason I have started this blog. Because of the struggles, I have gone through I have learned so much and I love to share my knowledge and passion to educate others on proper nutrition and living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. My love of physical fitness started at the age of four when I learned how to play soccer. That first team experience started a life-long love of sports which taught me many valuable skills like dedication, commitment, hard work, leadership and teamwork. Throughout my youth I became a successful athlete excelling in basketball and soccer and even earning an All-American award.



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Hooray for homemade eggnog! With healthy ingredient swaps, you don’t have to give up this classic holiday drink! This eggnog recipe is guilt free and will allow you to still zip up your pants after the holidays!


Nothing is better than homemade granola, especially when there is peanut butter involved! This simple recipe can made ahead for breakfasts, snacks, or desserts! This peanut butter granola can be poured in your morning bowl with milk, used as a topper for yogurt, mixed with dark chocolate for dessert or ate by the handful!


Many of my clients tell me that it’s difficult to keep eating healthy during cookout season.  One easy solution is to make a healthy dish or two to bring to parties and celebrations so you can ensure at least a few healthy options.   One of my go-to recipes for this is my Red, White and Blue Fruit Pizza.  It goes over so well that even friends and family who aren’t eating healthy rave about it.

My favorite brand of gluten-free oat flour is Bob’s Red Mill!

You can also check out my recipe for No Bake Energy Bites which are a great option to bring to BBQs too!


Best recipes Website with Baked Sweet potatoes and bodybuilding recipes. This website offers a nutrition plan and fitness programs. Recipes and nutrition plan are the way to lose weight and build muscles for girls and women. I’m from Buffalo, NY and works at Catalyst Fitness in Williamsville at a nutritionist and personal trainer. 

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